I work on a variety of marine science projects, spanning the spectrum of research through to innovation, knowledge exchange, and communication.

My current projects include:

blue-action-logo+strapBlue-Action (2017-2021) is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project focusing on understanding the impact of a changing Arctic on Northern Hemisphere weather and climate. As part of this project I am leading the work package on Knowledge Exchange, Dissemination, Engagement, and Exploitation (WP8).

CA-Pipefish (2017-2018)

CA-Pipefish is a NERC funded Innovation Project which aims to quantify the risks and/or benefits of oil and gas pipeline decommissioning options to both fishing and the environment. The project will integrate these risks to find the optimal decommissioning solution for each pipe (from the fisher/environmental perspective). Project beneficiaries include the UK Government, their advisors, fishers and the oil and gas industry who will benefit from an enhanced evidence-base that is shared across all sectors. The outputs of the project will facilitate cost-effective, rapid, consistent and transparent decision-making in relation to pipeline decommissioning.

My role in this project is to develop a model capable of predicting the likely species assemblages (and/or ‘ecological value’) associated with pipelines found in various locations across the UK Continental shelf, based on species data from ROV footage and known environmental parameters such as seabed type, depth, and temperature.

My previous projects have included:DSCN1351

NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship on Wave and Tidal Energy

Pro-Tide -An Interreg IVB (North West Europe) funded project seeking to advance and develop low-flow and/or low-head tidal energy projects in the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands. As part of this project I worked as the project’s Environmental Investigator, compiling and assessing the environmental outcomes (perceived, predicted, and actual) of tidal energy development at project partners sites.

NERC Marine Renewable Energy Knowledge Exchange Programme Internship